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 Documenting Painted Plaster 

Art history, art conservation and historic preservation researchers are creating a searchable data base of documented painted plaster walls throughout New England. Owners of paint decorated plaster walls can help in this effort by registering their walls with us.


Fill out a Wall Registration Form and send it, along with photos, to:


The Center for Painted Wall Preservation 

PO Box 187

Hallowell, ME 04347






The form asks for location, history and pictures of the house and rooms with decorative painted plaster. It will be kept on file using the original owner’s name to protect anonymity of current owners.


We are also interested in documenting any previous treatments the walls have received, especially conservation reports, so that the effects over time of various conservation treatments can be evaluated for the future.


Registered walls are included in the database of historic original painted plaster walls begun by Linda Lefko and Jane Radcliffe thirty years ago.

Register with CPWP

Register your painted walls with the Center for Painted Wall Preservation by filling out a Wall Registration Form and sending it, along with photos, to:


The Center for Painted Wall Preservation 

PO Box 187, Hallowell, ME 04347

Wall Care Guidelines

Homeowners who discover painted walls in their homes become enchanted by the charming decoration. As they learn more about the historical significance of their walls, these homeowners recognize themselves as stewards of a piece of our national heritage. Following some simple suggestions can help ensure the stability and survival of walls in your home.

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