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Available Speakers

The Center for Painted Wall Preservation ​is dedicated to documenting and preserving painted plaster walls. Our experts are available to share the latest news and insights about painted wall care and conservation as well as about Rufus Porter and other artists.


Each talk approaches the beauty and fragility of these walls in a different way. Each talk also provides a description of painted plaster walls and their significance to American culture and history, as well as details about the work of CPWP. 

To schedule a speaker, please contact us at:

Available talks include: 

"New England Wall Murals in the Rufus Porter Style"

Jane Radcliffe and Linda Lefko

"Moving Walls: the process of extrication of paint decorated plaster when warranted"

David Ottinger

"Painted Walls in Jeopardy: the case for their survival"

Linda Lefko & David Ottinger


"The Appraisal of Painted Plaster: How much are my walls worth?"

Helaine Fendelman

"Period Painted Wall Decoration: Freehand painted, Stenciled and Muraled Walls in New England"

Linda Lefko


"Porter’s Paintbrush: Walls and Portraits attributed to Rufus Porter"

Linda Lefko

"Jonathan D. Poor in Maine: Rufus Porter’s nephew Makes his Mark in Mural Painting"

Jane Radcliffe (after October 2018)


"Maine Wall Stenciling: Different styles in Maine"

Jane Radcliffe (after October 2018)

"Wall Stenciling in New England– Moses Eaton"

Polly Forcier

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