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Best Practices for Painted Wall Preservation

These best practices were developed from CPWP's 2022  “Conserving Our Painted Past” Symposium. The first event of its kind, this Symposium brought together practitioners in the care and conservation of painted walls to share case studies. The preservation of early-19th-century painted decoration — which include murals, freehand brushwork, and stenciled decoration— becomes increasingly urgent over time, especially for walls in private homes. 

These best practices will provide homeowners and conservators with reliable and responsible approaches to preserving extant wall decoration for the enrichment of future generations. 


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The CPWP provides advice on care and structural issues; connections to a trusted network of conservation, preservation, and paint analysis technicians; documentation of painted walls; attribution assistance; extrication support; presentations on painted walls; and an archive of case studies and images. 

We have an all-volunteer board of leading painted wall experts, architectural historians, and decorative arts professionals. The experts and others help homeowners and organizations document and care for their painted walls. 

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