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The Center for Painted Wall Preservation (CPWP) is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the research and preservation of eighteenth and early nineteenth century paint-decorated plaster walls. 

Our goal is to survey and document painted and stenciled walls, in situ or in collections; further the appreciation of this rare and vulnerable art form; and serve as a resource for the conservation and preservation of painted plaster walls for future generations. The walls we study include those painted by some of America’s most significant early folk artists, such as Rufus Porter, Jonathan D. Poor, and Moses Eaton.

Painted walls — which include murals, freehand brushwork, and stenciled plaster walls— are vulnerable to destruction and loss. We will lose these irreplaceable historical records unless we preserve these critical documents of our past. Help us protect this important part of our heritage by supporting the CPWP.

Thank you for your support.

The Center for Painted Wall Preservation is proud to support, by membership in, the following mission-aligned organizations.

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March 6, 2024


A Discussion on the Jonathan Poor Murals in Maine with Jane Radcliffe

Online Lecture for the Rufus Porter Museum of Art and Ingenuity in Bridgton, Maine.

Jane Radcliffe will speak about murals, primarily in Maine and Massachusetts, that were both signed and dated by J.D. Poor. This includes the hall, stairway, and bedrooms from the Norton House, in East Baldwin, which will soon be installed in the new building of the RPM.

This lecture is FREE. Register on the Rufus Porter Museum website.

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March 16 & 17 2024

Old House and Barn Expo

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance

Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH

The Center for Painted Wall Preservation is delighted to exhibit at the Old House and Barn Expo

See engaging demonstrations, meet businesses and contractors skilled in the preservation trades, and interact with Old House & Barn enthusiasts from New Hampshire and beyond. Create your own show “itinerary” and explore preservation strategies, architecture, craft, and history through hourly lectures, visits with high-quality exhibitors, demonstrations, and “Old House and Barn Doctor” sessions. There’s also an Expo scavenger hunt for children (and adults) as well as opportunities to observe and try building crafts.

Learn more and buy tickets at: 

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